ALMA Rally

The Alma Rally is specially designed for (Speed) Rally driving and has all necessary functions for a very attractive price. It is nice and small so that you should be able to find on every dashboard a suitable place for it. Its nice and “racy” carbon design fits nicely in ultra modern and but also older rally cars. The Alma Rally is equipped with autostart function so that you never forget to activate the device and makes your start easier. It has easy blue digits with special foil for optimised readout in sunny conditions. This can even be further improved with a optional sun visor.

The Alma Rally can optionally also be delivered with red display and buttons if that looks nicer in your car.

The Alma Rally series can also be equipped with an optional software package making it a good starting tripmaster for Regularity Rallies or for people that want to use a 0-100km/h sprint for setting up and testing their engine of the rally car (not everybody has a chassis dynamometer).

 The Alma Rally Plus tripmaster can also be made in an Off-Road version so that it has a splashproof housing.

Features of Alma Rally Tripmaster:

  •  Infinitly dimmable backlight
  • Distance Trip from corner to corner (to be resetted by internal and external buttons or foot pedal)
  •  Distance Trip of the stage
  •  Stopwatch
  •  Automatic start when vehicle moves (or by the trip button or foot pedal)
  • Speed
  • The “Reset Trip” and the “Stop” button can  also be connected externally.
  • Manual and automatic calibration by a calibration run
  • Settable calibration distance
  • During the stage, the trips can be increased and decreased by the optional wired or wireless remotes.


Optional Software package available: 

  • Average speed
  • Maximum driven speed
  • Automatic stopwatch for 0-100 km/h


Alma Rally Off-Road:
The Alma Rally Off-Road is exactly the same as the Alma Rally but in a splash-proof housing. The Off-Road version is specially made for Off-Road driving or open cars where the tripmaster is open to the weather circumstances.


Standard version:

  • 100mm (w) x 55mm (h) x 25mm (d)
  • appr. 100 gram

Off Road version:

  • 100mm (w) x 55mm (h) x 29mm (d) (depth = excluding the buttons)
  • appr. 130 gram