On this page you can find information about how to become a reseller. At this moment we would like to expand our business more while we are sure we have the products that can fullfill all the tripmaster needs that customers can have for very attactive conditions. You can already become a reseller even if you sell relatively few products per year.

Besides buying our products through a dealer, you can also buy it direclty with us. You do not have the benefit of touching the product but you can order “in your lazy chair”. Normally, our prices are not better than the ones from our resellers. for ordering with us directly, you can send us an email with your order to: info@korsmit.com or use our contact form on the contact page.

Our dealers can be found in the following places:

Become a dealer

We are always happy to welcome a new dealer. Ofcourse we have a gew expectations but you will also have them from us..

Our Expectations

  • The dealer must have a physical or virtual store or must be in the process of building one. Our products must be a logical addition to your store. A workshop which does a lot of installing of tripmasters, we can also see as a store ..
  • The dealer must have the objective to sell at least 10 tripmasters annually. We do not keep purchase obligations, we only would like to have the objective.
  • It is preferable that the dealer is targeting an area (area or products) that is not targetted yet.


What can a dealer expect from us

  • A Market conform margin
  • We work with our dealers directly, so no local importers.
  • Fast and reliable support, even directly to your customer if desired. Your customers may always contact us for further support (in englsh or Dutch)
  • a good stock level and clear delivery times.
  • under conditions there are even possibilities for consignment stock to kickstart your sales or our cooperation..

If you are interested (or still doubting  ), please do not hesitate to contact us discuss with us freely about the possibilities!!

Korsmit Rally Electronics

Pastoor Bielarsstraat 22

4884 AK Wernhout

m: +31(0)6 20 29 13 58

t:   +31(0)76 599 49 22

e:  info@korsmit.com