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Rally  –  Regularity  –  Off-Road Racing


Korsmit Rally Electronics offers affordable tripmasters with unique features for all kind of automotive sports. From Rally to Regularity, from Legend to Off-roading. We offer tripmasters in all price categories. From a simple tripmaster that offers stopwatch, speed, and 2 distances to tripmeters that offer easy proven average speed options that allows you to be at the right place on the right time, every time.. Even all stages will be saved so that the complete event can be seen in your tripmaster. Please take a look to the product pages to see most of the functionality explained!

Tripmaster Features

We also have the unique Off-Road versions. All our Tripmasters are also available in Splash-proof housing; ideal for open cars or those Off-Roading circumstances.

We have an extensive range of different input probes so you can always find an optimum way to install your tripmaster.

While in certain cars, the tripmaster can be connected without a probe (older electronic speedometers like BMW E30 etc), you can already have a complete working tripmaster for under € 150.

We also developed na Android App that can connect with the Alma 1 and Alma Dakar Tripmaster by Bluetooth for extra functionality. yo can set your complete setup menu but also a long list of 100 automatically loaded average speeds per stage to make driving on those distance/time tables possible during the Regularity rally’s. This makes from our Tripmaster a complete rally computer! So you need only 1 device in your car for all functionality!!


Tripmaster Manufacturing and development

KRE Tripmasters are developed and produced in The Netherlands. Because the development is so close to the production, we can even offer custom developments for special needs. This varies from custom programs to custom mechanical design, from just a different color of the buttons, to a complete integrated custom made dashboard plate. These requests could even lead to a complete new design of a new product in our range.

We strive to have the highest reliability with the highest level of possibilities with the integration of existing proven technology modules.

We also offer the possibility of installation into your car. Ask freely for all possibilities.


How to order:

Most people would like to see, touch and feel (and sometimes smell) the devices…On appointment, you can always visit us but you can also visit one of our suppliers from our growing suppliers network.. You can also order directly from our webshop, or you can contact us easily by sending us an email or calling us directly. You can use the contact form or send an email directly to: