Pulse Sensor M12 Magnetic (1M)

The sensor is to generate a pulse for the tripmaster were there is no workable electronic pulse from the car or where you want to take a pulse from another (non-driven) wheel. The pulse sensor can be installed to detect metal that passes by the head of the sensor. The Magnetic sensor must be installed together with magnets. The benefit is that it can handle bigger distances from the magnet to the sensor (appr. to 5 mm) so it is easier to install than a metal sensor. Secondly it can handle very high frequencies so a high amount of pulses can be installed per revolution of the wheel.

This low-cost sensor is good to detect reliable up to 20 pulses in a wheel circumference (in 1 rotation of your wheel).This sensor can only detect a magnet in 1 direction (magnetic north or southpole). Please take care of this during installation!


  • Thread of M12 x 30mm
  • 1m Cable
  • NPN Transistor setup
  • 12 Volt power supply (can be directly connected to the Alma 1 and Alma Dakar tripmaster). For the Alma Rally serie it is easier to connect the 12 Volt externally due to the little volume of the housing.
  • Includes 1 standard magnet



Round M12 x 30 mm