Some drivers or co-pilotes want to display more than 1 item on an external display. This could be, for example,  speed and deviation from the ideal position at the drivers side when driving a legend rally on an exact average speed. Specially for this case, we made a double external display so that there is no need to install 2 external displays. Internally it are really two external display which only share the incoming information signal and the power coming from the tripmaster. One or several (double) external displays can be simultaneously connected to theTripmaster to emphasize certain information to the co-pilote or to show information to the driver directly. The shown information can be selected by the selection button. Therefore every external display can display different information. By the “dim” switch, the light can be dimmed to adjust the display to the night or to the day. The night level can be infinite adjusted by an internal potentiometer. With the easy usable button and the slick design with the carbon front plate is this the ideal matching design to have together with the Alma 1, the Alma Rally Plus or the Alma Dakar tripmaster.

Also the Double external display is equipped with 2x 3-color indication led that can display your deviation on average speed or indicate if you exceed your maximum speed. It also has an internal relais which enables you to even connect external signals like buzzers etc.


Also for the Double External display we have the unique Off-Road version that has a splash-proof housing, specially for open cars or Off-Road driving.

Features and the information that can be displayed:

  • 2 displays that have a complete independent processor.
  • Trip distance (from corner to corner)
  • Trip2 distance (the total stage distance)
  • Stopwatch
  • Current speed
  • Avarage speed
  • Deviation from ideal position
  • Stopwatch that is stopped every 100 meters for readability (for driving on tables)
  • Counting down stopwatch to pre-programmed (roadbook) points
  • Finish line counting down stopwatch
  • Finish line counting down distance

Every Alma 1, Alma Rally Plus and Alma Dakar tripmaster has the possibility to connect external displays. Therefore, an external display can always be added in a later stage to the tripmaster.

A possible setup is a double external display with the speed and deviation from the ideal position in front of the pilote together with an external display at the co-pilote with extra emphasis on the trip distance from conrner to corner. In this setup, the co-pilote can do the necessary adjustments but does not have to communicate to the driver himself while the driver sees his own ideal position.

LED Indicator:

The External display has an 3-color Led indicator at the front. This indicator led can be set to 2 modes

  • Maximum Speed indication
  • Deviation from ideal position

In the Maximum speed mode, the LED will turn blue at 90% of the set maximum speed. At the maximum speed, the led will turn red and an internal potential free relais is activated to which you can connect any other devices like a indicator lamp etc.

In the Deviation from the ideal position mode, you can set a distance in meters in which the led will turn green. If you are below the lower boundary, the led will be blue as in indicaiton that you should go faster. Over the maximum boundary, the led will turn red as an indication that you should slow down.


External Display Off-Road:
The Alma Rally Off-Road is exactly the same as the Alma Rally but in a splash-proof housing. The Off-Road version is specially made for Off-Road driving or open cars where the tripmaster is open to the weather circumstances.



Standard version:

  • 125mm (w) x 70mm (h) x 35mm (d)
  • appr. 150 gram

Off-Road version:

  • 125mm (w) x 70mm (h) x 39mm (d) (depth = excluding the buttons)
  • appr. 200 gram