We are always trying to optimize our products and therefore they have a never ending improvement. We purchase our parts in small amounts so that we are always flexible to incorportate an improvement into a product in short notice. Through this website we keep you posted of any developments which are going on or have happened to our existing product range.

Next to developments on our existing product, we also have complete product developments going on.

After some major technical developments on the Alma 1, External display and Alma Rally, it is time to focus on the manuals and instructions and bug finding and optimisation of the App. Therefore we will focus more on these areas in the coming months.

Wishlist for the Alma 1:

  • More recalibration points

we are also looking to develop 2 extra devices:

  • Stopwatch. (Alfa test stadium)
  • Datalogger (under development)

If you have special needs for these or other products, you are always welcome to contact us and give us input.