ALMA Dakar

The Alma Dakar Tripmaster is specially designed for Off-Road Rally driving. It has many features that are specially needed during these long off-road rallies .The Alma Dakar is only available in the Splash-proof Off-Road Housing which makes sure that you can enjoy the Tripmaster reliable for a long time.

The Alma Dakar Tripmaster has 2 probe inputs to be sure you have always a working probe. it has 2 displays of 6 digits for perfect readability. Secondly, there is Always the possibility to connect extra external (off-road) displays to show directly all information you want to have. It is specially designed with a peypad or external buttons to adjust your trip easily when arriving to waypoints. If you have driven perfectly you can adjust you calibration factor or when you have driven with a detour, you can adjust the counted distance pulses..

The Alma Dakar can be changed on the fly from one calibration number to another when changing tyres or inflating or deflating tyre pressure. Besides that it can show you the Distance trip 1 (corner to corner), Distance trip 2 (total stage), speed and stopwatch.

The Alma Dakar tripmaster also has the possibility to connect by Bluetooth to an Android App to be able to show of all driven stages (up to 75) the distance and the time.

Alma Dakar Tripmaster features, a.o.:

  •  Infinite Dimmable backlight
  • Trip from conrner to corner (to be resetted by internal and external buttons or foot pedal)
  •  Trip of the stage
  •  Stopwatch
  •  Automatic start when vehicle moves (or by the trip button or foot pedal)
  • Speed
  • Memory for 75 stages (time, average speed, distance, etc) (readible by Android App)
  • Possibility to connect 1 or more external screens with all their own information. (speed, trip, average speed, deviation from ideal position)
  • Internal and external button to stop the stopwatch
  • 2-probes
  • Keyboard for easy input
  • adjustable distance by calibration number or distance pulses
  • Etc, etc.


  • 160mm (w) x 95mm (h) x 49mm (d) (depth = excluding the buttons)
  • appr. 400 gram