The Alma 1 Tripmaster is more than only a Tripmaster, it is a complete rally computer. The Alma 1 Tripmaster is the most advanced tripmaster and is specially designed for the high demands of Rally and regularity driving. The big character screen makes it easy readible and even certain information can be sereately shown to either the pilote or co-pilote by external displays. The functions are too much to mention here but they contain o.a. deviation in meters on avarage speed, easy setable average speed, even on the Special Stage, 75 stages memory, a list for 20 aavrage speeds that can be called easily, connection with Bluetooth Android App for easy setup, 255 pre-programmable automatically changed avarage speeds (to be programmed by App), GPS-connectivity, 2 Probes input to measure with the middle of the car, etc etc.  Do to the Carbon front, The Alma 1 Tripmaster looks good in very modern Rally cars and old-timer regularity cars.

For open or Off-Road cars, there is even an Off-Road, Splash-proof model available of the Alma 1 Tripmaster. Due to its unique way of installing the box seperatly from the front, you can Always find a place to install it on the dashboard and connect it easily within the car.




To receive information, The Alma 1 can be connected to several different available sensors. Look for the possibilities in our Accessories section.

Options needed for Rally Driving, a.o:

  •  Dimmable backlight
  • Trip from conrner to corner (to be resetted by internal and external buttons or foot pedal)
  •  Trip of the stage
  •  Stopwatch
  •  Automatic start when vehicle moves (or by the trip button or foot pedal)
  • Simple view (with only necessary information) or extended view (with all information)
  • Speed
  • Memory for 75 stages (time, average speed, distance, etc)
  • Internal and external button to stop the stopwatch
  • Cumulative time to easily compare with the organization time.
  • 2 wheel sensor inputs as backup or to take an average of the two for measuring the middle line of the car.


Also information to adjust and test your car:

  • Maximum driven speed
  • Automatic stopwatch for 0-100 km/h
  • Automatic stopwatch for driving a adjustable distance (For example a Quarter Mile)

What you need to drive a succesful Regularity Rally, o.a.:


  • Deviation meters based on the average speed. Even with changing average speed, it keeps you at the spot where you need to be and you can see how much meters you deviate from your ideal position.
  • Memory for 60 stages.
  • Count up or down or even stopped depending by manual selection and automatically when the vehicle is driven backwards.
  • Adjustable calibration distance, so that you can calibrate the tripmeter on a given calibration stage.
  • Possibility to connect 1 or more external screens with all their own information. (speed, trip, average speed, deviation from ideal position)
  • Total distance of the event.
  • Target Average Speed to calculate your deviation in meters
  • Target Average Speed easy changable during the Special Stage
  • Even place for setting 20 Target Average Speeds for even easier changeover.
  • Driver Correction factor to compensate for drive style deviations as wheel spin and cutting a corner.
  • 5 different named calibration values per sensor


Alma 1 Off-Road:

The Alma 1 Off-Road is exactly the same as the Alma 1 but in a splash-proof housing. The Off-Road version is specially made for Off-Road driving or open cars where the tripmaster is open to the weather circumstances.



  • 160mm (w) x 95mm (h) x 45mm (d)
  • appr. 350 gram