ALMA Rally Off-Road

€ 150,- ex VAT

The Alma Rally Off-Road is exactly the same as the Alma Rally but in a splash-proof housing. The Off-Road version is specially made for Off-Road driving or open cars where the tripmaster is open to the weather circumstances.

The Alma Rally Off-Road has all necessary basic functions for a very attractive price. It is nice and small so that you should be able to find on every dashboard a suitable place for it. Its nice and “racy” carbon design fits nicely in modern and older rally cars. Due to the size, it has no on-board trip reset button. Therefore, it has to work together with an external pedal and/or other push-button to be able to zero the “trip 1” at each corner.

The Alma Rally can be customised for a small extra charge and delivery time with custom color buttons or display.

Features of Alma Rally:

  • Splash-proof housing
  • Dimmable backlight
  • Trip from corner to corner (to be resetted by internal and external buttons or foot pedal)
  •  Trip of the stage
  •  Stopwatch
  •  Automatic start when vehicle moves (or by the trip button or foot pedal)
  • Speed
  • Internal and external button to stop the stopwatch.
  • Manual and automatic calibration by a calibration run (1000 Meters)


Optional Software package available:  Extra € 25,00 ex. VAT

  • Average speed
  • Maximum driven speed
  • Automatic stopwatch for 0-100 km/h



  • 100mm (w) x 55mm (h) x 29mm (d) (depth = excluding the buttons)
  • appr. 130 gram