ALMA 1 XL Off-Road

The Alma 1 XL Off-Road is exactly the same as the Alma 1 XL but in a splash-proof housing. The Off-Road version is specially made for Off-Road driving or open cars where the tripmaster is open to the weather circumstances.

The Alma 1 XL is for Rally and Regularity events and can be adjusted to be optimized for Regularity, Rally or Dakar. With its big screen, all information can be very well read by the co-pilote and the backlight can be adjusted to compensate for day or night. The tripmeter is easy to adjust by its big buttons and the design is really slick by the use of a real carbon front.

Options needed for Rally Driving, a.o:

  •  Infinite Dimmable backlight
  • Trip from conrner to corner (to be resetted by internal and external buttons or foot pedal)
  •  Trip of the stage
  •  Stopwatch
  •  Automatic start when vehicle moves (or by the trip button or foot pedal)
  • Simple view (with only necessary information) or extended view (with all information)
  • Speed
  • Memory for 30 stages (time, average speed, distance, etc)
  • Internal and external button to stop the stopwatch
  • Cumulative time to easily compare with the organization time.
  • Etc, etc.


Also information to adjust and test your car:

  • Maximum driven speed
  • Automatic stopwatch for 0-100 km/h

En wat nodig is om een succesvolle regularity te rijden, o.a.:


  • Deviation meters based on the average speed. Even with changing average speed, it keeps you at the spot where you need to be and you can see how much meters you deviate from your ideal position.
  • Memory for 60 stages.
  • Count up or down or even stopped depending by manual selection and automatically when the vehicle is driven backwards.
  • Adjustable calibration distance, so that you can calibrate the tripmeter on a given calibration stage.
  • Possibility to connect 1 or more external screens with all their own information. (speed, trip, average speed, deviation from ideal position)
  • Total distance of the event.
  • Avarage Speed, adjustable during AND before driving on the stage.



  • 160mm (w) x 95mm (h) x 49mm (d) (depth = excluding the buttons)
  • appr. 400 gram