Bluetooth Module

€ 25,- ex VAT

The Bluetooth module can be connected to the Alma 1 Tripmaster, making it a complete Rally computer. This Bluetooth module works together with the Android Korsmit Rally Electronics Alma 1 or Dakar bluetooth app. This can be installed on your telephone or tablet. You can set a.o. the setup menu items and even a complete automatic list with automatically activated avarage speeds.


  • The Bluetooth module can not work in the GPS mode.
  • BT module for around 10 meters distance
  • comes with cable and connectors for easy installation
  • This module together with the Android App lets you:
    • Configure all setup items from the setup menu.
    • Read your Stages menu
    • make the manual list of 20 pre-propgrammed target average speeds.
    • Make an automatic table with maximum 255 entries with dinstance-time-Average speed
    • adjust the Stage trip value by adjusting the distance pulses or the calibration number.